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Sipsmith Gins – Month of Gin

Enter the world of Sipsmith Gin and there is no turning back. One of my absolute favorite martini gins this  bright, juniper forward, juicy botanical masterpiece will introduce you to what the world of gin really can be.


I had the pleasure to visit the Sipsmith Distillery while I was in England last month. Cast inside a warehouse setting in the residential area in Chiswick, this immaculate distillery is literally a hidden gem.

I met their three main Carl stills and Carter Heads; Prudence a 300 Liter still they acquired in 2009, Patience and Constance leading at 1500 Liter capacity.  Each still plays a particular and distinct role in this well oiled gin making haven.

And then there was Jared Brown. Knowledgeable Historian, masterful distiller and over all a man of worldly character.


The distillery makes a few other gins, exclusive preparations for Raffles and the House of Commons .

FullSizeRender (42)

But personally the Very Juniper Over Proof VJOP gin takes juniper to another level. By incorporating a three day maceration process and doubling the amount of juniper used in their classic London Dry, placing the extra juniper in the Carter Head botanical basket allowing a lighter extraction of the top notes of the juniper.


Above are the experimental collection of gins and variations to be found on the walls of the Sipsmith Distillery in London. You must visit this treasure and keep a bottle of gin as a regular at your home bar or local watering hole.