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Anchor Distilling Gin – Month of Gin

Established in 1993 out of San Francisco, California Anchor Distilling Company is a producer and importer of a wide collection of spirits and four uniquely standout range of gins with a focus on 17th & 18th century methods and styles.

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Anchor Junipero Gin

My first look into Anchor Distilling was through their flagship Junipero gin that I fell in love with while working at a gin bar in Washington DC. Known for it’s bold juniper forward character, this gin can shine in any tonic and add structure to your cocktail. Herbaceous, juniper forward, bold baking spices with a crisp finish, this gin is for gin lovers.

Anchor Genevieve Genever

I have a weakness for the Dutch Holland born spirit that is Genever. A bridge between the malt goodness of whiskey and the botanical haven of gin, this spirit is generally distilled from barley malt, rye and wheat grain mash.

Genevieve Genever is made in that 17th century style, with barley, wheat  and rye malt distilled with botanicals in a pot still. You can smell the dominant nose the moment you open the bottle, I call it “Distillers Cologne” smelling of fresh sour mash. The palate is spicy, bold with rye and barley grain notes with a dancing of the same botanicals found in their Junipero gin yet espressed quite differently in this malt based spirit. Genevers were called for in the original cocktails, but the spirit is best enjoyed straight or chilled and can often be

Anchor Old Tom Gin

Anchor’s Old Tom gin is one of their newer products in their portfolio and in the tradition of Old Tom gins it has an element of sweetness in it, this version has traditional sweeteners of star anise and licorice root as well as Stevia, natural sweetener. This gin was a salute to Captain Dudley Bradstreet that created a funnel in the form of a cat that distributed illicit gin during prohibition. As patrons put money in the cat’s mouth and the gin would be poured from a pipe under the cat’s paw.

You can taste the sweet licorice and star anise in this classic rendition of an old tom gin, perfect in a Martinez or a medley of other classic cocktails calling for a slightly softer gin.

Berry Bros and Rudd No. 3 Gin

When I first met the beautiful bottle that is No. 3 London Dry Gin I wanted to swoon. I did swoon. Then happily sipped it into the evening calling it my favorite gin of 2015. This gin is what I call an epitome of a sipping gin. The name No.3 refers to the address in St James’s Street, London: their home since 1698.

Warm spice noted flow through this gin with orange and grapefruit peel, cardamom, coriander, angelica root and a bit of lavender and pine they suggest stems from the juniper. Drink this gin neat, or chilled with a orange bitter and citrus zest and you will find yourself a contented consumer.

The Tour

I had the pleasure of visiting the distillery of Anchor Distilling this past spring and was lucky to find distiller Kendra and Kevin on premise.

I got to pick their brains on why they chose to focus on  17th & 18th century spirits and the concepts behind their standout spirits.

Anchor Distilling has 3 copper pot stills and just bought a new large Scottish still to add to their dynamic.

Anchor Distilling at Gin Festival 2016

Anchor Distilling at Gin Festival 2016


Hayman’s Gin – Month of Gin

Rocket Century Hayman's

My journey through England passed through the world that is Hayman’s Gin. 5th generation distillers of a range of traditional gins, this gin family dates back 150 years . Each bottle of Hayman’s gin has a tale to tell. Its design was inspired by original, old gin bottles that had been safely tucked away in Christopher Hayman’s collection for years.


I had the pleasure of meeting Marjorie, a 400 Liter Carter Head Still named after the family’s Matriarch  Marjorie Burrough, the link to the great heritage of gin making.

Hayman's Botanicals

Each gin in the Hayman’s Family of gins uses 10 distinct botanical’s, specially manipulated to produce each gin from their Old Tom to their Naval Strength, which supplied the navy’s thirst for gin on the River Thames side of country.


One of the more interesting gins in their portfolio is their Sloe gin, a classic tipple in England made from the abundance of Sloe berries in the country’s backyard’s. Their London Dry gin is soaked approximately 4 months in Slow berries allowing the skins to harden and the berries to burst open, naturally exuding cherry and almond notes.

Family Reserve Hayman's

One surprise in the portfolio was Hayman’s Family Reserve, a bottle not yet distributed to the United States but one that very well should be. This gorgeous mellow gin is rested three weeks Scotch whiskey barrels,  creating  breath-ability and boosting the botanical notes of the gin. An absolute must try and we hope to get this gin in the States soon.

Come meet the most widely representative family of Hayman’s Gin.

Kansas City Whiskey Digs its Roots in Craft Gin

Kansas City Whiskey Town

Kansas City, home to the country’s best barbeque has made tidal waves in the Whiskey Business. J. Rieger Co run by cocktail power house Ryan Maybee co owner of KC’s Manifesto and Andy Rieger, the great-great-great-grandson of Jacob Rieger have lead the resurgence in Whiskey, Kansas City style.

Rieger Whiskey at The Gin Room

Rieger Whiskey at The Gin Room

Gin Girl Tour

Last visit to Kansas City, Maybee invited us to tour their new digs, a warehouse distillery with potential as far as imagination allows. Not sure if I was expecting to see rows and rows of Rieger’s Whiskey but I was more than pleasantly surprised. The smell of fresh mash, pot still running, barrels propped and ready and the whole team in one room making the magic happen.

Rieger 2Rieger 6Rieger 4

World Renowned Tanqueray to Small Batch Craft Gin

Now an uncovered secret thanks to the New York Times article, I was thrilled to learn that J.Rieger Co would be making GIN! Always a bit skeptical of whiskey maker’s dipping into the world of Gin, I moseyed up to Ryan and asked him directly “you intend to make a stand out gin?”

It was then I learned of them bringing on long time master distiller Tom Nichol of Tanqueray to help them create their gin. Could The Gin Girl be more excited?!? What does the world’s preeminent gin maker have to benefit from a small craft distiller in Kansas City Missouri? We still have yet to see…

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Gin Girl Tour

Ryan Maybee, Andy Rieger, Nathan Perry Head Distiller, JP Gilmore Owner Vintegrity Wine, The Gin Girl Natasha Bahrami

I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing Manifesto or the Rieger Hotel, but there is always the next trip to the Paris of the Plains

Philadelphia Distilling’s Gem – Bluecoat American Dry Gin

I’ve had Philadelphia Distilling on my mind. And in my tonic. A lot. This gin is a treat and its time I discuss some of its finest traits coming from a Juniper loving Gin Girl perspective.

Bluecoat Gin

I discovered Bluecoat gin while slinging drinks in D.C. primarily using it in cocktails calling for a bold citrus gin. Stunning packaging and product invite you to want to know more. So that’s exactly what I did. I drove up to the distillery and I learned everything there was to know (well not everything) about this small-not-small distillery in the heart of Philadelphia.

Bluecoat Gin Still - Gin Girl Review

Meet the Still

For starters Bluecoat Gin shares a beauty of a pot still with all of the other spirits in the Philadelphia Spirits portfolio; for now. Rumor has it is they are building a larger facility with at least 3 pot stills for their growing distribution.

I also had the pleasure of meeting the distillers, Mr. Aaron Seyla and Bill Tambussi whose charm and humor combined are enough to keep you entertained on your distillery adventures. And when I say adventures – I mean distilling Absinthe!

Meet the Bluecoat Distillers

Meet the Bluecoat Distillers

When I arrived at the distillery Aaron and Bill were preparing to distill their Vieux Carre Absinthe and asked me if I would like to give them a hand. What?!?!?! Dreams can come true!


Bluecoat’s anise fragrant sister Vieux Carre rocks an attire of anise, fennel and wormwood (Not spilling any secrets here!!!) and the opportunity to get my hands dirty in botanicals was more than a treat. So was the team. Humble. Open. Embracing.

The Bluecoat team plus the Gin Girl

But now to the Gin. Take time to sip Bluecoat straight and you’ll experience a double treat. Crisp on the front and warm spice notes on the finish.

From the bottle, soft fragrant nose of coriander, mellow orange peel and slight notes of fennel/licorice. The nose reminds me of the smells lingering in a distillery hours long after the batch has fired. Pour into a glass and the nose opens up into a crisp citrus bouquet of lemon, lime and orange with coriander lingering in the background.

Bluecoat is a mixed bag of flavors. Some detect the pepper and strong body at the front, while some hail it a dessert gin noting the soft orange fruit finish. Crisp bright citrus and pepper with notes of juniper and coriander in the first sips, allowing a longer warmer spiced finish with notes of candied orange and lemon.

Don’t be fooled by the pretty packaging, this gin is bold and complex and demands attention.

Nose: coriander, orange peel, fennel

Palate: juniper and coriander, specks of pepper, soft notes of orange and lemon round out the finish

Category: American Dry Gin

Proof: 94

Rating: Gin Girl Top 20

Look for their new Barrel Aged Bluecoat Gin hitting your market soon! The bottles are gorgeous. Can’t wait to review!

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The Gin Girl