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Ginworld Gin Week Launches in DC


In less that one week, one of the largest celebrations of Gin hits Washington, DC March 27th – April

And here are some of the highlights not to be missed…

Ginworld Participating Bars & Cocktail Features can be found at and Drink Features DC

Monday March 27th

Ginworld Corpse Reviver Competition

Gin Week Kick Off! Corpse Reviver Cocktail Competition at District Distilling Mon 27th at 6pm:

The Corpse Reviver #2 has seen a huge reawakening over the past decade helping bartenders bring gin back to the forefront of consumer imbibing and awareness. The drink itself is a perfect balance of botanical, citrus, herbal, and bittersweet components. Literally, a perfect balance being an equal parts recipe with a few drops.

Distilleries Competing: District Distilling, Jos A Magnus, One Eight Distilling, Murlarkey Distilled Spirits, New Columbia Green Hat, McClintock Distilling and KO Distilling

Absinthe Sponsor:

Radiator Collaboration Event

Tuesday March 27th

“All About That Gin” Gin School with Pernod Ricard, Plymouth Gin and Barr Hill Caledonia Spirits: A Massive Collaboration of Education and Experience:

Please join our gin friends, Pernod Ricard Plymouth Gin and Barr Hill by Caledonia Spirits as they take you on a miraculous journey about how the lovely libation of gin is made.

A Plymouth Gin Ambassador will teach you the history of Plymouth and gin, and how to make your own botanical blend in a hands on class room session and botanical showcase.
1pm & 3pm

Barr Hill will be showcasing a live Bee Hive and educational session taught by Dr. Gary Krupnick of Smithsonian to demonstrate the importnace of bees/pollination and Martha Kiene, 1st VP of VA Beekeeper asscociation is speaking on bees & honey w/ live observation hive.
1pm & 3pm

Once the classes are over please join us in the bar at Radiator DC for a happy hour (4-7) that will be supporting the Virginia Beekepers associtation in their effort to SAVE THE BEES! First session of classes starts at 1pm and the second session is at 3pm, please sign up for one or both! Class space is limited so sign up today!

Gin Tiki Seminar Image

The Infamous Matt Seiter will be making his DC debut with exquiste spin on Gin Tiki Cocktail Seminar. Learn the history, the movement and the secrets behind Tiki and how gin was a guiding force.

Dive into the tropical adventure that is Gin Tiki!

Generously Sponsored by Pierre Ferrand Cognac

Tickets Available Here

Ginlandia Hanks Oyster Bar

GINLANDIA at Hank’s Oyster Bar Dupont

Gin World 2017 is coming to DC & Hank’s Oyster Bar is joining in on the fun!! Stop by Hank’s Oyster Bar Dupont anytime from March 28th to April 1st for GINLANDIA!!! 35+ unique gins at the bar, gin flights all night and a gin-filled cocktail menu! As always, admission is free- just show up and get down with us!


Hanks Oyster Bar Death's Door Pop Up

Wednesday March 29th

Death’s Door Juniper Harvest Pop Up Fundraiser

On March 29th in accordance with Ginworld and Ginlandia, the 2016 Juniper Harvest alumni will come together in a one night only popup at Hank’s Oyster Bar to celebrate some of the amazing relationships created at Juniper Harvest! Death’s Door Cocktail Specials abound this evening! Tips will be donated to Washington Island School!

*Juniper Harvest is an annual event put on by Death’s Door Spirits. Bartenders from across the country travel to Washington Island to learn about just how hard it is to harvest Juniper, make gin, and learn all about Death’s Door Spirits.*



Jaleo DC

Gin and Tonic Festival at Jaleo

Come savor Spain’s national cocktail all week long at all Jaleo locations for a Gin and Tonic Festival: D.C., Bethesda, Crystal City, and Las Vegas! This bright and effervescent beverage pairs perfectly with tapas and paella, so come in to check out our extensive list of unique Gin & Tonic menu offerings.

Ginworld G&Tea seminar by Trevor Frye

Thursday 1pm at Five to One

Gin World 2017 is taking on DC and the talents Trevor Frye will be teaching us the art of G & Tea with his spin on Tea cocktails. Aviation Gin presents G & Tea cocktails!


The Royal DC Larger

Thursday March 30th & Friday March 31st

The Royal Hosts TWO Beautiful G&T Happy Hours Thursday & Friday


Thursday: Bluecoat Meet The Distiller Happy Hour 4-7pm

Ginworld is taking over Washington Dc March 27th – April 1st and The Royal is hosting Philadelphia Distilling Bluecoat American Dry Gin for a HH 3-7pm. Meet the distiller and taste through all the refreshing gin cocktails. Did you know Bluecoat gin is made in Forsyth Stills traditionally used to make Scotch? No wonder it’s so irresistible!

Honey Cocktail Images 3 .jpg

Friday: G&T HH with Barr Hill Gin & Alley Twenty Six Tonic

The Royal is Hosting Barr Hill by Caledonia Spirits and Alley Twenty Six tonics for a refreshing G&T HH on Friday March 31st.

Macon Bistro and Larder

Macon Bistro & KO Distilling Battle Standard Gins: Meet The Distiller Night!

Thursday March 30th 6:30 pm The Magnolia Room at Macon

Join us in The Magnolia Room at Macon to meet Scott Billups from KO Distilling.  He’ll be talking gin while AJ Johnson whips up delicious gin cocktail tasters with Macon bites!

Seats are limited.  Please contact Andra ‘AJ’ Johnson at or 240.651.9709 for more information and booking.

The Gin Joint Invasion

The Gin Joint: 2317 Calvert St NW, Washington, DC 20008

Monday March 27th – Monday April 3rd: The Gin Joint

Ginworld Invasion at The Gin Joint : Your Favorite Gin Distilleries Take Over

Monday March 27th: Eden Mills Gins 6-8pm

Tuesday March 28th: Spring 44 Gin Launch 6-8pm

Wednesday March 29th: Right Gin 6-8pm

Thursday March 30th : Death’s Door Gin 6-8pm

Friday March 31st: The Cotswold’s Gin 4:30 -7pm

Sunday April 2nd: Malarkey Spirits Imagination Gin 6-8pm

Monday April 3rd: New Holland Spirits Gins 6-8pm

Wisdom DC .jpg

WISDOM DC: 1432 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, DC 20003

Sunday March 26th – Friday March 31st: WISDOM DC

Sunday, March 26th 6-8 p.m.
Virginia’s IMAGINATION GIN from MurLarky Spirits will be joining us for the kickoff. We will be featuring two Wisdom, house-made “Imaginative” cocktails all-night and on special!

Monday, March 27th 6 p.m. to close
7:30 p.m. Death’s Door will be on hand to talk about this amazingly simply yet complex gin. Discounted Death’s Door cocktails the rest of the night!!
plus Brooklyn’s Q-Tonic will be on hand. All Natural grapefruit soda + Death’s Door = perfection
Become a Gin Club member for HALF PRICE-one night only!

Tuesday, March 28th time 6-8 p.m.
Mixologist Chad Owen will whip up three gin classics including a gin-based Sazerac with Sweden’s very own RIGHT GIN

Wednesday, March 29th 6-9 p.m.
The fine folks from Durham Distillery’s CONNIPTION GIN and ALLEY TWENTY SIX TONIC will be on hand making crafty Gin & Tonic magic for your drinking pleasure.

Thursday, March 30th 7 p.m. to close
Brand Ambassador Rich Blair from New Holland Spirits will be on hand to talk gin and brand specific nuances on all three of their gins @ 7:30 p.m. Wisdom will be pouring “A Negroni Three Ways” with the Knickerbocker Gin, the Knickerbocker Aged Gin, and the Blue Haven (blueberry flavored gin) throughout the night!!!

Friday, March 31st 6-8 p.m.
“Meet the Distiller Night!” with DC’s very own and very local One Eight Distilling Head Distiller Alex and Philadelphia Distilling Head Distiller Aaron will tell us what is like having the best job in the world.


Ginworld Logo White and Black.jpg

Largest Ginworld Festival Launches in DC April 1st!

Ginworld Gin Festival Tickets!

Ginworld Festival is a platform where creators, distillers and ambassadors gather to educate, pour and celebrate their spirits in an approachable environment. Learn directly from the makers why and how they do what they do in making your favorite spirits. The festival is an absolute haven for gin lovers to find what they love most about gin with the people who spend their livelihood distilling the juniper soaked spirit.

Gin Festival is a city specific one day event, akin to a trade tasting but so much more! Gin Festival will feature engagement with distillers, and multi level tastings to learn the wide varieties in the spectrum of gin. The festival is the culmination of the entire week of Ginworld events and education taking place throughout bars and restaurants in the nations capitol. Gin Festival in Washington DC takes place on the evening of April 1st at One Eight Distilling with brand booths for pouring, educational seminars, G&T bars and hands-on workshops.

See you there!

Ginworld Gin Festival Tickets!





A Little Smooth Ambler in Your Life

About time we drooled over another sip worthy gin from the east coast of West Virginia. Perhaps best known for their bourbon and rye whiskey, I was first introduced to these two gin gems while working at The Gin Joint in Washington, DC.

Smooth Ambler Barrel aged gin oozes sipabilty with caramelized notes and light candied lemon. The distillery allowed us a case at The Gin Room that we continue to covet.


Roasted Barley Gin Old Fashioned

Smooth Ambler Greenbrier gin I slept on for too long. This gin has a rich creamy texture, with spicy notes of lemon pepper. Ideal for Martini’s and in my favorite #Gibson. Wow.  Both gins are distilled from corn, wheat and malted barley. Both drool worthy.

Pictured: Roasted Barley Gin Old Fashioned

Conniption Gin & Navy Strength – Durham Distillery NC


Conniption Gin

Juniper juicy orange and coriander coat your mouth with the first sip of Conniption American Dry Gin. As you continue drinking spice notes emerge, peppers a bit of cardamom and a fresh lightness smooths out the finish. Cucumber and flowery notes perhaps?

The distillery appears to use a two-step method including individual vacuum distillation of some of the more delicate botanicals.

Durham Distillery Still Images

I added an ice cube and the spicy freshness opened even up more, a bit of a bitter aftertaste when ice was added but nothing a bit of botanical forward vermouth cannot remedy in a perfect martini with a twist.

Trekking on to the Navy Strength Conniption gin, I did a bit of assumption before I opened the bottle. Likely a bit more botanical concentration at 114 proof and hopefully not too much of a bite but as I read through the back of the bottle it seems a slightly different botanical bill was used in the Naval Strength version and I set out to explore. Bartenders love love love higher proof gins done right.  Their base gin is used as a platform, adding caraway, rosemary and even vacuum distilled fig?

Sweet cardamom and pepper on the nose, I got the caraway right away as a massive fan of aquavit, with a soft heat rounding out the finish. Added ice to the mix which didn’t amplify it immediately but as it melted the slight dilution mellowed out the spirit into a rather nice sipping gin.


Out of Durham, North Carolina don’t pass up this modern southern treat

Uncle Val’s Gin – Month of Gin

Sometime you slip into a spirit and you know its going to fit like a glove. A menagerie of layers that excite your palate with every sip. Meet the 3 Badge Mixology Uncle Val’s Gin Portfolio; Botanical, Restorative and Peppered gin. All three gins showcase a spectrum of Contemporary style gin, masterfully distilled.

Uncle Vals Event Photo

Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin 

Layered with citrus, lavender, sage and pine notes and cucumber this gin is anything but ordinary. I call this gin a cocktail in a bottle. Pour this gin over ice and a bouquet of flavors await you, or try it in a Val’s Porch from The Gin Room combined with lavender bitters, lemon and simple sugar syrup.

FullSizeRender (44)

Uncle Val’s Restorative Gin 

Citrus and crisp pepper on the nose, this gin has juniper, coriander, cucumbers and rose petals but in a very different format than the botanical gin. More mellow and extensively mixable this gin combines savory and a light soft sweetness to create a balanced spirit.

Uncle Val’s Peppered Gin

No. It’s not what you think. It’s much much better. Vegetable red bell pepper notes, bold almost agave like character with a smooth hint of smokiness. I’ve been blown away by the creativity this gin sparks in my fellow bartenders. I got to make a fantastic carrot based Bloody Mary {Red Snapper} with it at Tales of the Cocktail this year, with a hint of spice and sweetness that made it addictive.


Barrel Aging Uncle Vals Use 2

Soooo, those of you who know me, know of my obsession with barrel aged gin. I’m hooked.  A few years ago I took to my own experimenting and picked out gins with distinctive flavor profiles to be manipulated by the process of barrel aging. Barrel Aged Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin is one of the masterpieces.  Aged for 7 weeks in single use un-charred oak barrels, the bold citrus of the gin mellowed out a bit and created a more pronounced spark to each and every botanical in the gin. Bold yet mellow, this gin is to be sipped and savored straight or over a rock with a twist.

3 Badge Mixology

Now let me tell you about this company, 3 Badge Mixology. Yes I did swoon over Uncle Val’s Botanical but it was the people behind this company that made me fall in love. Imagine a company that seeks out the best distillers, the best ingredients and the best product and packaged it all into a portfolio you are proud to promote. I met the distiller of this wonderful spirit, a women of great many talent I came to learn {She is a pilot and chemist and engineer oh my!….} and picked her brain on every element of it. This spirit was no accident, well thought out and deliberately fantastic.

Tales of the Cocktail

This year I made my maiden voyage into the extraordinary insanity that is Tales of the Cocktail New Orleans. I wandered there by way of 3 Badge Spirits and this exceptional team of human beings {Bartenders of course!}. We rocked out a daunting number of cocktails, serving over 1,800 guests and having the time of our lives. Each one of them was brought together for the passion and overall love for the hospitality world. They say 3 badge beverage corporation is built upon a philosophy of commitment and craftsmanship. In my experience so far I would be apt to believe them.

FullSizeRender (45)

No. 209 Gin & Chardonnay Barrel Gin – Month of Gin Double Take

Last spring I had the opportunity to visit the west coast and the outstanding distillers in the San Francisco Bay area but I had no idea how much I would learn.

209 Rocket Centry

Mid Century Modern Vintage Barware and Furnishings Provided by Rocket Century 

I had always had a natural affinity towards No. 209 gin. Crisp citrus without over whelming the spirit, light bright cardamom, juniper , orange and baking spices. I even had a guest at the Gin Room that traveled from across Europe searching for No 209 gin as they were told by a trusted bartender that it was the only gin that could satisfy their gin interest. Interesting to see how far people will travel for something standout.

We arrived at Distillery No. 209, built over water and positioned directly at sea level on renovated pier 50, the natural cooling properties of San Francisco Bay water beneath the pier keeps the distillery at a perfectly crisp temperature all year long.  Distillery 209 has a rich history dating back to the late 1800’s when wine maker William Scheffler began to dabble in the world of spirit distilling in under the distillery licence number 209. Food and wine entrepreneur Leslie Rudd purchased the property in 1999, and began the revival of what is now No. 209 Gin.

FullSizeRender (24)

This is where the Gin Girl was impressed. Operating as a one man show, Distillery No. 209 is run by the lovely engineer turned distiller Arne Hillesland and his gorgeous pot still “Rosie” a 1000 gallon beauty of a copper still. Arne himself is a wealth of information and a first mover in world of contemporary gin, elevating the concept of what gin can be gin when only a couple hand fulls of gins were out there. Not only taking the risk of distilling gin and only gin years ago when gin was a mere dot on the spirit map, but also took the risk to spread this wonderful contemporary gin around the world by exporting to London and Europe.

FullSizeRender (25)


Arne spoke at a gin seminar Juniper Ascending put together by Ginnoisseur Keli Rivers at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans earlier this month with other innovators; Beefeater’s Desmond Payne, Aviation Gin’s Christian Krogstad and Alexander Gabriel of Mason Ferrand’s Citadelle Gin. Was a honor to be in the presence of such trailblazers.

Arny 209 at Tales

No. 209 gin is a corn based spirit which likely adds to its creamier mouth feel, but the most exciting part of No. 209 gin is the quality of the botanical’s used. I can say I had tried quite a few gins and sifted though a health dose of juniper, but the bright juicy berry-esk of the Italian juniper used in No. 209 gin caught me off guard. I wanted to take a bowl with me and treat them as a snack. Arne’s “Bot Cave” held other robust botanical gems including black cardamom, cassia bark and Bergamont orange. We couldn’t get enough of our visit.

After all my adventures through the Bot Cave and distillation, my real excitement was revealed when I noticed their barrel aged gins gathered in a corner. Three varieties taking advantage of their winery roots including aging in Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Cabernet Barrels.

Barrel 209

The chardonnay aged gin was an immediate standout, from the medium body, lingering pine notes and a perfect balance of warm spice, citrus and savory. Enough body for mixing and light nuances for sipping straight.  The mellow French oak of the chardonnay barrels allows the botanical’s to shine sharper, light pine and savory lavender, a bit of crisp warm spice from the cardamom, bright pepper and citrus lingers through the finish. A solid barrel aged gin and gin girl favorite of the three No 209 aged gins.




The Walter Collective Gin – Month of Gin

Sometime you meet a gin and it is serendipity. Over and over.

Walter Collective Tales

I had the pleasure of meeting a bottle of the Walter Collective gin after teaching a gin seminar at the American Distillers conference earlier this year. It was passed to me in this beautiful gift set box and looked pretty fancy. Lately packaging has been bolder and bolder in the world of gin and spirits, often without as much care and dedication taken to the contents of the bottle.

A month went by and I finally had a Wednesday afternoon to take a sip and was instinctively happy. Walter Collective gin was definitely in the contemporary gin category but created a distinctive character for itself. Light crisp citrus, cool menthol notes and cardamom that gave body and layering but without overpowering the gin. I was excited to share this gin and that is exactly what I did… straight out of the bottle.

Monkey Lamp


And then we met again, this time at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans; sitting in Arnaud’ French 75 Bar surrounded by gin, monkey lamps and some of my favorite industry socialites.  Matt Melaik, founder and grandson of Walter Bade, the inspiration of the Walter collective was to my left and somehow recognized the Gin Girl through the wonderful chaos that is the French Quarter. And again that wonderfully layered gin was passed through our hand and into our martini glasses. A toast to good friends, great gin and outstanding and chance meetings.

Walter Collective gin use

Mid Century Modern Vintage Barware and Furnishings Provided by Rocket Century 

This Gin is not yet distributed in our area, but I would suggest seeking out a bottle for your personal collection.

Martini and Gin & Tonic worthy.

2nd Annual Gin Week Gin Festival 2016 Preview Guide

Gin Room Gin Week (2)

Monday May 16th – Saturday May 21st 2016

Get Your Gin Festival Tickets Here

Saint Louis, MO (May 16th – May 21st)  Saint Louis’s booze scene is about to become immersed in the wide and mystical world of gin at the 2nd Annual Gin Week Gin Festival. Over 30 bars and restaurants will be participating throughout the week, showcasing creative interpretations of gin cocktails from the best bartenders in the city.

Gin Festival47

Gin Week culminates with one of the largest celebrations of gin in the United States Gin Week Gin Festival Saturday May 21st at The Gin Room 3200 S. Grand Blvd. The 2nd Annual Gin Festival boasts representation of over 70 gins available for tasting along with distillers present from around the United States,the masterminds behind our favorite gins, to learn from the source how and why they do what they do to make their craft spirits outstanding.

Get Your Gin Festival Tickets Here

Gin Festival36

Directly participating distilleries include New Holland Spirits, Journeyman Distillery, St. George Spirits,  Nolet’s Distillery, Bluecoat Philadelphia Distilling, Corsair Distillery, Hendricks, North Shore Distillery, Anchor Distilling, Distillery 209, The Botanist, and Missouri’s own Pinckney Bend Distillery, J Reiger Co, S.D. Strong Distilling and Spirits of Saint Louis.

Gin Festival08

Gin Week Gin Festival was created as a platform for education and expansion of understanding of the spectrum of gin from the distillation process to cocktail creation. The 2nd Annual Gin Festival is complete with a lineup of  gin-centric educational seminars and workshops handpicked and taught by industry experts. Learn the secrets behind barrel aging gin, the magic of caraway driven Aquavit, the mystics of tonic making and the precision of making the perfect Negroni.

Get Your Gin Festival Tickets Here

Gin Festival13

Enter the World of Gin One Delicious Sip at a Time

Get Your Gin Festival Tickets Here

Ticket Prices Increase May 2nd

Gin Room sign Logo A-01

Tickets are on sale for $85

Purchase early as ticket prices will increase day of event

St. Louis Gin Week & Gin Festival 

Schedule of Events: Link To Elaboration on all Gin Week Events and Details 

The Gin Room Mon 16th 6pm – The Botanist Presents Gin Week Kick Off Party and Industry Happy Hour
The Gin Room Tues 17th 6pm  – Campari Presents An Italian Aperitif Seminar
The Gin Room Tues 17 7-9pm – Mr Ben Bauer & Mr Justin Sampson TakeOver
Planters House Wed  18th 6pm –  North Shore Distillery Cocktail Celebration 

Scottish Arms Weds 18th 6pm – J Reiger Gin Week Event
The Gin Room Thurs 19th 6pm –  New Holland Spirits Gin Seminar 

The Preston Thurs 19th 6pm – J Reiger Gin Event 

The Libertine Thurs 19th 6pm – Corsair Distillery Meet & Greet Portfolio Tasting Event 

Bar Les Freres Thurs 19th 5-7 pm – Bluecoat Gin Distiller Meet & Greet Portfolio Tasting Event 

Fox and Hound Fri 20th – Bluecoat Gin Distiller Meet & Greet Portfolio Tasting Event
The Gin Room Fri 20th 6pm – 4 Hands Gin Barrel Aged Hugo Saison Release
The Gin Room Sat 21 Noon – 4pm GIN FESTIVAL
The Gin Room Sat 21 8 – Midnight “Tini After Party” Starring Matt Seiter 

Don’t Miss The Gin Festival After Party With Matt Seiter

Gin Week Seminars

Blue Haven Launch Image

Blue Haven Event Details Sat May 14th

Botanist Gin Week Image

Gin Week Kick Off Party Presented by The Botanist Details Mon May 16th

Campari Gin Week Flyer Simple

Campari Presents An Italian Aperitif Seminar Tues May 17 Limited Seating RSVP

New Holland Gin in the making

4 Hands Gin Barrel Beer Launch

Matt Seiter After Party Smaller Image

A Tini After Party – Gin Festival After Party Starring Mr. Matt Seiter

The Gin Room

3200 S. Grand Blvd Saint Louis MO 63118

Questions and More Information Contact TheGinGirl at

Gin Room Gin Week (2)

OVER 50 St. Louis Bars and Restaurants Participating

St. Louis Gin Week 2016 

May 16th – May 21st 

Participating Restaurants and Bars Include: 

Eclipse Restaurant

“American Don”

Knickerbocker Gin

Eclipse American Don Knickerbocker Gin.JPG
New Holland Spirits Happy Hour Gin Tasting & Cocktail Event Friday May 20th at Eclipse

New Holland Spirits Logo

“Barrel Aged Bee’s Knees”

Brokers Gin

Juniper Bee's Knees Brokers Big O Kevin Ardnt

HERBIE’S Vintage 72

“The Gin Mill”

Pinckney Bend Cask Aged Gin
The Gin Mill Herbies Pinckney Bend Cask Aged Amanda Wilgus
Fox & Hounds Tavern

“The Salty Hound”

Darnley’s View Gin
The Fox and Hound The Salty Hound Darnely's View

Retreat Gastropub

“Breakbeat Swizzle”

Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin
Retreat Breakbeat Swizzle Uncle Vals Botanical Tim Wiggins
The Scottish Arms Restaurant & Bar
J Reiger Co Happy Hour Gin Tasting & Cocktail Event Wednesday May 18th

J Reiger Co Logo
Hiro Asian Kitchen

Nolet’s Silver Gin

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Demun Oyster Bar

“Sip and Slurp”

Leopold’s Naval Strength Gin
Demun Oyster Bar Sip and Slurp Leopold's Navy Strength Tom Halaska
The Purple Martin

“Cooperstown Cocktail”

Brokers Gin
The Purple Martin Cooperstown Cocktail Brokers Gin
Atomic Cowboy

“Melon Ballin”

Atomic Cowboy Melon Ballin Tanqueray
Reeds American Table

“The Naysayer”

Small’s Gin

Reed's American Table The Naysayer Smalls Gin Richard Vagnino


“Cat’s Paw”

Hayman’s Old Tom

Mando Gin Week Cocktail

Sasha’s Wine Bar

“You Look Raddishing”

S.D. Strong Gin
Sasha's Wine Bar You Look Raddishing SD Strong Katherine Eckert Kevin Bilhorn

“Nduju’s Letter”

Letherbee Gin

Olio Ndugu's Letter Letherbee.jpeg

Mission Taco Joint

“Singapore Sling” –

J Reiger Gin
Mission Taco J Reiger Singapore Sling Kyle Harlan
Blood & Sand

“Avant Gardener”

Leopold’s Navy Strength Gin
Blood and Sand Avant Gardener Leopold's Navy Strength Matt Osmoe
Frazer’s Restaurant and Lounge


Plymouth Naval Strength Gin
Frazers Vanity Plymouth Naval Strength Terry

“Gin Elixir”

Hendrick’s Gin
Brennan's Gin Elixir Hendrick's  Racheal Petty

“Words are Meaningless”

J Reiger Co Gin
Publico Words are Meaningless Nick Digiovanni J Reiger Gin
The Preston

“Melon Stand”

J Reiger Gin
The Preston Melon Stand J Reiger Gin Joshua Johnson

J Reiger Co Cocktails and Gin Event Thursday May 19th at The PrestonThe Preston Reiger Event

Planter’s House

“Mighty Aviation” – “Ode to Sunshine” – “The Search for Cherry Red”

Planters House Gin Cocktails.JPG

North Shore Distillery Happy Hour Gin Tasting & Cocktail Event Wednesday May 18th 

NorthShoreDistillery logo Use

Square One Brewery & Distillery

Byrd and Barrel 

“House Made Bloody Mary Rimmed with Red Hot Ripplet’s Topped with a Fried Chicken Slider”

Uncle Val’s Peppered Gin

Byrd and Barrel House Made Uncle Val's Peppered Bloody Mary Steve Bolsch
Tamm Avenue Grill

“Patio Pleasure”

Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin
Tamm Ave Patio Pleasure Uncle Val's Botanical Steve Bolsch
The Fortune Teller Bar

“Mountain Blessing”

Pinckney Bend Gin

The Fortune Teller Mountain Blessing Matt Thenhaus.jpg

Tick Tock Tavern 

“London Beermosa”

Tick Tock Tavern London Beermosa.jpg

Central Table 

“Singapore Sling”

Nolet’s Silver Gin

Central Table Singapore Sling Nolets Gin.jpg

The Fountain on Locust

“Orange GingerTini”

Bombay Sapphire Gin

The Fountain on Locust Orange Gingertini Bombay Sapphire

Four Seasons – Cielo Restaurant

“Cielo Lavender Mule”

Brokers Gin

“Pine and Pepper”

St. George Terroir Gin

Randolphi's Pine and Pepper St. George Terroir

Baileys’ Chocolate Bar

“Touch of Grey”

Bailey's Chocolate Bar Touch of Grey.jpg
Rooster South Grand

“Corpse Reviver #2”

Rooster Corpse REviver Use

Small Batch

“Snap and Tickle”

Small Batch Snap and Tickle.jpg

Robust® Wine Bar

“Flight of the Navigator”

Knickerbocker Gin

Robust Flight of the Navigator Knickerbocker Gin

Boundary at the Cheshire

“Death in the Evening”

Ransom Old Tom Gin

The Boundary Death in the Evening Ransom Old Tom Gin.jpg

Fleur de Lilies Creole Fusion Restaurant
S. D. Strong Distilling Happy Hour & Cigar Event Sunday May 15th

SD STrong Logo
The Dark Room

“Everything Nice”

Hendricks Gin
The Dark Room Everything Nice Hendricks
Mangia Italiano

“Barrel Aged Martinez”

Mangia Barrel aged Martinez.JPG
Element STL

“The Peabody”

Hendricks Gin

Element The Peabody Hendricks Gin

The Royale

5 Star Burgers – St. Louis

“21st Century”

Pinckney Bend Gin

5 Star Burgers 21st Century Pinckney Bend Gin.JPG


“Ginerally Speaking”

Rusty Blade Gin

Cleveland Heath Ginerally Speaking Rusty Blade Gin.jpg