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Kansas City Whiskey Digs its Roots in Craft Gin

Kansas City Whiskey Town

Kansas City, home to the country’s best barbeque has made tidal waves in the Whiskey Business. J. Rieger Co run by cocktail power house Ryan Maybee co owner of KC’s Manifesto and Andy Rieger, the great-great-great-grandson of Jacob Rieger have lead the resurgence in Whiskey, Kansas City style.

Rieger Whiskey at The Gin Room

Rieger Whiskey at The Gin Room

Gin Girl Tour

Last visit to Kansas City, Maybee invited us to tour their new digs, a warehouse distillery with potential as far as imagination allows. Not sure if I was expecting to see rows and rows of Rieger’s Whiskey but I was more than pleasantly surprised. The smell of fresh mash, pot still running, barrels propped and ready and the whole team in one room making the magic happen.

Rieger 2Rieger 6Rieger 4

World Renowned Tanqueray to Small Batch Craft Gin

Now an uncovered secret thanks to the New York Times article, I was thrilled to learn that J.Rieger Co would be making GIN! Always a bit skeptical of whiskey maker’s dipping into the world of Gin, I moseyed up to Ryan and asked him directly “you intend to make a stand out gin?”

It was then I learned of them bringing on long time master distiller Tom Nichol of Tanqueray to help them create their gin. Could The Gin Girl be more excited?!? What does the world’s preeminent gin maker have to benefit from a small craft distiller in Kansas City Missouri? We still have yet to see…

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Gin Girl Tour

Ryan Maybee, Andy Rieger, Nathan Perry Head Distiller, JP Gilmore Owner Vintegrity Wine, The Gin Girl Natasha Bahrami

I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing Manifesto or the Rieger Hotel, but there is always the next trip to the Paris of the Plains