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Monday Night Bubbles Keeps Sparkling Thru the Winter


Monday Night Bubbles Use 2Monday Night Bubbles Use

The Gin Room is hosting a new weekday happy hour Monday Night Bubbles! We are mixing your favorite gins with your favorite bubbles to serve you up everything from classics and Gin Room exclusives at Happy Hour prices!

French 75 Cocktail

Who doesn’t love a French 75

The French 75 is just one of the cocktails you can find on Monday Night Bubbles. The classic cocktail has its origins in the early 1920 and well known in circles as a champagne cup and drank by  “gentleman with class.” The cocktail got its final name from the French quick shooting fire arm that was a symbol of victory in World War I. Whether you prefer your French 75  with cognac or gin, we have you covered.

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